Picnic™ is a fun and long lasting solution for audience and community capture, loyalty, and retention.

What is Picnic™?

Introducing Pug Pharm's Picnic™ - the world's most complete platform solution for community engagement and loyalty.

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More than simple "points & badges" gamification technology

Picnic™ is a complete activity, gameplay, and contesting engine that instantly turns any website, Facebook page, mobile application, or online project into an engaging and richly interactive user experience.

This award-winning platform takes your community beyond the loyalty chasm, unleashing the full power of engagement and motivation to create communities that are more involved, committed, and loyal.

The award winning Picnic engine has been recognized as a WBT Innovation Marketplace: World’s Best Technology A proven, award-winning platform

Picnic™ is continuously updated with new activity and gameplay capabilities, providing you the comfort of a "future-proof" platform solution with a range of features not found in any other engagement platform. Picnic™ has been recognized as a "WBT Innovation Marketplace: World's Best Technology."

Best practices guides and game design experts help you discover community motivation and loyalty.World-class engagement and activity design

Pug Pharm's Picnic™ Best Practices publication and How-To Guides keep you always at the forefront of what the world's top engagement and gameplay design experts are discovering and learning about community motivation and loyalty.

The evolution of community engagement technology
  "Air miles" programs Points & badge gamification
Engagement mechanism Economic rewards Simulated economic rewards Intrinsically rewarding activities
Interactivity principles Transactions Transactions & collections Collaboration, competition, collection, customization
Primary interface Points Points & badges Colourful, expressive, visceral
User profiling Economic transactions Economic actions/transactions Choice-based & psychographic
We have documentation kits, administration tools, auditing systems, and design templates.
Developer tools and templates

Picnic's™ suite of development kits, administration tools, auditing systems, and design template make it quick, easy, and cost-effective to create robust, scalable, and tailored projects & applications.

Fully documented API's and SDK's ensure quick and simple integration and shortened times to launch, providing your project or campaign with a future-proof and cost-effective platform for many years to come.

The Campaign Manager is a robust back office system allowing easy configuration and operation of your loyalty campaign.
Campaign management

Picnic™ includes a robust back-office system that allows easy configuration and operation of community engagement solutions. Its intuitive and friendly Campaign Manager is easy to configure and a snap to administrate. Set up an entire campaign in advance or stay hands-on with regular tweaks & tunes. Extensive reporting modules create business intelligence reports that uncover the secret world of user engagement psychographics, helping you understand and motivate your communities more effectively to inform your strategic decision-making.

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