Boldly engaging the online world

Some of the great companies we've worked with:
Customer logos: Kimberly Clark, Honda, Newegg Canada, Sunridge, etc.

We're not just gamification

We are a super-cool design and technology company
full of gameplay and customer loyalty experts (and pugs!).

We are here to design the perfect community engagement solution for you!

Engagement matters

Keep your community retained and engaged with a universal language: fun.
Protect yourself from the horrors of 'loyalty backlash'!

Drive engagement with our award-winning Picnic platform,
motivating your audience effectively using game mechanics.

Advanced gamification and loyalty solution

We see games where everybody else sees points and badges.
How do you interact and have fun with your community?

More on our engagement design philosophy.

Identity and Reputation Management

Let us uncover your top VIPs and unleash the power of
social matchmaking within your community.

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Powerful Web/App-Ready Toolkit

Are you a developer?
Our award-winning Picnic™ platform will support your most ambitious projects and campaigns.

More on this leading technology.

If you helped Pugsy collect all his toys, you’ve discovered the:

Find out how Pug Pharm’s tender lovin’ care
can help embrace and engage
your community.