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Looking for the perfect community engagement solution for your challenging business problems? Unleash the Power of Play that only Pug Pharm can deliver! Unlike other approaches that rely on simple points-and-badges "gamification" models for motivating the online community, Pug Pharm is the only company that delivers impactful engagement solutions that are, well... fun! We help you find the perfect interaction models, creating a tailored experience that will nurture and support your ideal user narrative by using proven gameplay design principles like:

Socialization is a proven gameplay design principle we use to deliver impactful engagement solutions.
Exploration provides freedom and discovery for your community of users looking to be engaged!
Competition is a social, engaging model of game design that is not just your typical points, badges, and leaderboards.
Building things boosts creativity and encourage your customers to stay loyal and happy.
Getting to know your community

Gain deeper insights to make smarter decisions. We pride ourselves in delivering high-fidelity engagement solutions with powerful analytics that let you learn more about your community by discovering their true "personality", bringing together like-minded individuals and fostering a sense of belonging.

Find out what your users like to do and reward them: Social media sharing and logins, media plays, profile completion, transactions, check-ins.
Fully documented APIs and SDKs ensure quick and simple integration. Our award winning technology is easily cloud deployed and accessible across multiple platforms.
Documentation Templates
Cloud Deployed
The Picnic Community Engagement Engine allows for hassle free content and campaign management. Create solutions for Web and Mobile with a future proof and cost effective platform.
Content and Campaign Management System Solutions for Web and Mobile
Award-winning technology

Our Picnic™ Engagement Engine is the workhorse driving our web and mobile community engagement solutions. Named one of WBT’s Innovation Marketplace 2012 “World’s Best Technologies”, Picnic™ is unmatched in flexibility, power, and scalability, having supported tens of millions of interactions through its comprehensive suite of features, services, and management tools.

Fully documented API’s and SDK’s (Flash, Javascript, iOS and Android) ensure quick and simple integration and shortened times to launch, providing your project or campaign with a future-proof and cost-effective platform for many years to come.

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